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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020! ....

Time to bundle up and count my blessings. 
And despite a bout with rotator cuff surgery last year, I am back in the studio with new colors, new  work and new passion.  I am so grateful that I get to do what I love!!! 
  Check the schedule page for links & info for upcoming events.
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In the winter of 2018  I was busy at Glendale Elementary School working with students, teachers and staff on a community weaving that now hangs in the school as a permanent reminder of the connections we share with each other. 


Now in the winter of 2020 I will be doing a similar project at Franklin Elementary School.  I soooo love working with the students and teachers and look forward to the results of a new collaboration!

And it’s kinda old news, but still one of my blessings was that in 2017, I had a second piece accepted by the Tennessee State Museum for their permanent collection.  Here I am with textile curator Candice Adelson delivering “Passion Fan” 

So check out the schedule page for details about events near you!     Or for more info please contact me @ vvweave@aol.com  or call/text 615-516-8517 and come see what’s new in the studio. 

and always remember

If you like what I do and would like to purchase your own weaving, look around the site, check my schedule for an event near you, or contact me at  vvweave@aol.com